We’re History.

We’re History is basically the successor site to the dearly departed blog of the Historical Society. However, Heather Cox Richardson (who is not the only mastermind of this thing, but the one I know best) has higher aspirations. She wants to make it the go-to place for quality historical content with a mass audience on the old WWW.

So naturally when Heather asked me if I wanted to be a contributor I said, “Where do I sign up?” The first product of that gig is up now, and (of course) it’s on the history of the household refrigerator. Come to think of it, I think I might keep on writing in the history of technology mode there because somebody has to do it, don’t they?

Why don’t you go there now and take look around? And if you happen to be an historian, consider contributing yourself.

Jonathan Rees

Professor of History, Colorado State University - Pueblo.

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