No myth.

This is #2 on Josh Kim’s list of 8 Myths about MOOCs:

Myth #2 – The people involved in MOOCs think that open online education will replace traditional higher education:

The MOOC movement originated and is being evangelized mostly by higher ed insiders. One of the goals for edX reads: “Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online”. Everyone that I speak with who is involved in creating, teaching, or supporting open online learning is motivated to find ways to leverage MOOCs to improve teaching and learning for our enrolled students. The MOOC community is committed to improving and evolving, not replacing, our system of higher education.

That’s awesome, Josh, but it’s not the “MOOC community” that I’m worried about, it’s people like this guy:

BvF6BWCCQAAtgc4.jpg_largeHow many administrators at potentially MOOC-consuming institutions show up at big, international MOOC meetings? And if they do, how many of them will remember the message of open education when the rubber meets the road?

Jonathan Rees

Professor of History, Colorado State University - Pueblo.

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