Two links.

These are both for our CSU-Pueblo Faculty Academy to illustrate in order to illustrate how to use  Not coincidentally, I picked one of my favorite pedagogical causes as the subject:

  1.  Don’t Lecture Me!
  2. “Active Learning Strategies for Diverse Learning Styles”

Update 10/15/19:

Actually let’s make that three links if for no other reason than I wouldn’t be surprised if we encounter other users at this article (even if it is behind a paywall): “How One College Helps All Students Gain Digital Skills.”

Update #2, 10/17/19:

In the middle of the night it suddenly struck me that at a time when we’re in the process of revising our general education requirements to make our curriculum more practical (Hi Brian!), it might actually be worth looking at the Bryn Mawr Digital Competencies Framework described at that last link and having a conversation in about which of these might translate well here. Therefore, I got a .pdf and posted it here.

Jonathan Rees

Professor of History, Colorado State University - Pueblo.

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