Welcome to the new “More or Less Bunk.”

While I’m still importing and rebuilding some of my teaching materials from my old WordPress,com sites, I think my new blog via WordPress and the lovely people at Reclaim Hosting is now ready to open. So please reset your bookmarks, rss feed or however else you may follow this blog to the URL: “https://moreorlessbunk.net/blog.”

I’ve decided to leave all my old posts at the old “More or Less Bunk” at the old site rather than import them here.  For now, I’ll be posting the digital humanities-related homework I have here. As the nice folks at CNMH are the ones who have helped me through this transition.  Before too long, I’ll get back to your regularly scheduled MOOC-bashing.

In fact, I heard Daphne Koller said something kinda outrageous

Jonathan Rees

Professor of History, Colorado State University - Pueblo.

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