Digital History Projects – Fall 2015.

These are the links to the projects from my first Introduction to Digital History class this semester:

Colorado State Hospital

Ludlow Massacre

The Mineral Palace

Mines of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company

Pueblo Sports History

Most of these aren’t even done since students will be returning to work on the same projects in Colorado History or as interns next semester.

For anyone who’s counting, that’s four Scalars and a WordPress site. All local history, my model for what I wanted to create was this old article by Peter Knupfer in the JAH, but I was going to do it digitally. Exhibits instead of papers. Group work, but it’s a hybrid class so I spent many Tuesdays and Thursday this semester driving around Pueblo meeting my students in their respective archives, commenting on the work as it developed. Much of the rest of the class occurred on Slack.

When I read the work of people who’ve devoted their whole careers to this stuff (like Miriam Posner, who just got Boing Boinged today – Congrats, Miriam.), I realize how much I have left to learn so that I can teach this stuff better.  That’s why you can for me at DHSI next summer, assuming the funding I’ve requested comes through.

Nevertheless, I’m delighted that I’m already placing graduates of my digital classes in computer-oriented jobs at local historical sites. This is not what I expected to be teaching when I went to grad school all those years ago, but it really has become an awful lot of fun.

Jonathan Rees

Professor of History, Colorado State University - Pueblo.

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