Happy professorial moment.

So my son and I went to Mesa Verde National Park today, and our guide at the Cliff Palace turned out to be one of my former students, M’lissa Morgan:


She was, of course, mortified. I was delighted for many reasons besides the fact that she was a fantastic guide.

For those of you who don’t have the privilege of living in Colorado, here are a few more pictures from the day. The long shot of the Cliff Palace:


It continually amazes me how hidden these places really are. Inside Spruce Tree House:


And, last but not least, my son Everett through a window at the Cliff Palace:


Jonathan Rees

Professor of History, Colorado State University - Pueblo.

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  1. Apparently you were a big influence on M’lissa! Did she recover from her mortification?

    I love the ancient places of the southwest, Mesa Verde is one I’ve not gotten to yet. I did take the long ride into Gila Cliff Dwellings in southwest New Mexico, and while much smaller there is a real sense of the space as you can walk through the ruins. And the volunteer guides there are amazing in their enthusiasm. My favorite experience was visiting Chaco Canyon in late November and having the entire place to myself.

    It’s good to get out and about.

    1. Jonathan Rees


      Yeah, she did. To be fair, I worked with M’lissa much more closely on her first job at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Archives than I did in the one survey class that she had with me, but it was just so (happily) shocking to see one of our majors in such a prominent historical place that I felt compelled to take credit for it.

      Now that I’ve driven through Wolf Creek Pass and lived to tell the tale (I am such a flatlander), I plan to get out and about much more.

  2. I might have missed you in Durango by a day; I got there Saturday and visited a friend through Tuesday. Yeah, get out over those big peaks.

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