Thomas Frank Questions

  1. Do you find that anti-intellectualism is a result of poor education or a reaction to the stereotype of upper class citizens being intellectuals?
  2. Is it true that ordinary working class-people have no power over the culture they live in?
  3. Do we as Americans determine our party affiliations based on morals or economics? Why?
  4. Why was the red state/blue state idea so popular among the media?
  5. Frank downplays race as a motive for the migration of the working class to the Republican party, choosing instead to focus on culture. Is he ignoring root causes when he does this?
  6. Frank uses abortion as a major event that turned workers away from the Democratic Party. Were they already primed to turn away after the Civil Rights Era, or was Roe v Wade truly that traumatic?
  7. Under what conditions does the backlash + free market coalition fracture?

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