Kami problems.

According to the first student to get to their second draft, your free Kami account only allows you to upload one document before you have to start paying.  [You can read an indefinite number of Kami docs though otherwise I would have gotten to that level ages ago.]

But fear not, all is not lost – at least not yet.  There’s a special indefinite promo for university students if we flood Kami with enough requests, signing in with our university e-mails.  That link is here (after you scroll down a bit). [Be sure to hit the return key after you enter your e-mail in order to process that request.]

In the meantime, we’ll finish the Wilkerson assignment old school (namely using documents as e-mail attachments). I’ll keep you posted if I can get enough requests to activate our Kami accounts again without paying.

58 thoughts on “Kami problems.”

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