Instructions for group review on next paper.

1. Open your Chrome browser. Go here. Then get the Chrome extension.

2. You’re going to need a account. It’s free. Enter your email and create a password in order to get one.

3. When you have a draft paper ready, cut and paste that paper into a blog post. Then leave a link to the blog post where that paper resides (not your whole blog, click on the title of the post and use THAT URL) in the comments to the draft paper blog post I leave on this blog.

4. Visit as many of your fellow students’ blogs as you can. You can insert comments into those pages on the layer using the Chrome extension first by signing and clicking that extension in the right-hand corner of your browser. That will make the highlights where the notes reside visible. When you move the cursor over the highlighted part and click, the notes will appear in the sidebar. You can reply to existing notes or create new notes of your own by highlighting different text.

5. Final versions of each paper should once again be e-mailed to me as an ordinary Word file.

4 thoughts on “Instructions for group review on next paper.”

  1. I have left comments on the layer of this very post. When you have a account and have figured out how it works, please reply to an existing comment or maybe leave a new one so that I can be sure you understand how this works.

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