Room wanderings…

So much to my chagrin, someone snuck in and reserved our favorite room for the rest of the semester – but just on Tuesdays.  So we’ll certainly be back in PSY 213 this coming Tuesday (remember to e-mail your Wilkerson paper by then).  We can try wandering over there again the next Thursday that we need the Internet.

Kami problems.

According to the first student to get to their second draft, your free Kami account only allows you to upload one document before you have to start paying.  [You can read an indefinite number of Kami docs though otherwise I would have gotten to that level ages ago.]

But fear not, all is not lost – at least not yet.  There’s a special indefinite promo for university students if we flood Kami with enough requests, signing in with our university e-mails.  That link is here (after you scroll down a bit). [Be sure to hit the return key after you enter your e-mail in order to process that request.]

In the meantime, we’ll finish the Wilkerson assignment old school (namely using documents as e-mail attachments). I’ll keep you posted if I can get enough requests to activate our Kami accounts again without paying.

Kami instructions.

  1. Install Kami on your computer ( or get the Kami Chrome add-on.
  2. Log in to Kami (free account or through Google, etc.).
  3. Create new Document in Kami. Drag draft paper onto Kami.
  4. Hit Share button near top right-hand corner.
  5. Hit “Anyone With Link Can Annotate” button near the top.
  6. Copy link that appears and put it in a blog post.
  7. For final paper (the one due on the due date) create a new Kami Document with the revised paper. This time, don’t share link on blog just e-mail it to the professor. Grade will come in comment near the bottom of that document.

Wilkerson Questions for 2/2/16.

  1.  How much of Ida Mae Brandon Gladney’s story was different than the other two because she was a woman?
  2. After the Southern racist whites realized that they were losing the majority of their workforce and that the African Americans wouldn’t be coming back, did the race relations worsen or improve for those left behind?
  3. Due to being born into an unexplainable caste system, were the younger generations of African Americans more willing to migrate to the North than the older?
  4. If “the Negro race could get work at 50 cents a day,” as one southern letter-writer wrote, would they have stayed in the South?
  5. Did the Great Migration delay change in the South?
  6. If racism was present in the North as well as the South what factors perpetuated the movement North over a vast period of time?

Blog reminder.

You’re going to need to get your blogs ship shape by the time the first questions are due. If you didn’t follow along with me last class session here’s what that entails:

  1. Under the appearance tab on the left side of the Dashboard, pick a theme you like.
  2. If you want to track comments or posts links to other blogs go to appearance again and move the highlighting cursor to “Widgets.” That’s where you add stuff to the columns on the left or right. There’s also a header tap there that you can use to change the theme picture if your theme has a header with a picture in it.
  3. Go to Settings then move to “General.” That’s where you can name your blog whatever you like and change the tagline under it.
  4. Go to Settings then move to “Discussion.” Unclick both boxes under the setting “Before a Comment Appears” so that comments to your blog will appear immediately without moderation.

Also, I’m still missing a few blog URLs for the class blog so that your classmates can find you. If I haven’t e-mailed me that web address, please do so right now.