Painter Questions

Answers are due on your blogs at the start of class on Friday, September 4th:

  1.  How does Painter describe the relationship between economics and politics during this period? Is it a functional relationship or could stand to be improved?  If so, how?  Explain.
  2. How does Painter integrate the concept of race into the overall economic theme of her book?
  3. Is World War I a continuation of the the trends that Painter describes in teh rets of her book or is it a break with what comes before?  Explain.


1 thought on “Painter Questions”

  1. I wanted to respond to the question on immigration today that went along the lines of “but what about giving them [immigrants] things?” (Jobs, education, etc.) Specifically, on the issue of jobs, I think the point being made is that immigrants do find jobs in the US, and always have, but that’s not the reason people are up in arms about immigration and work. The real reason people are upset about the labor market is that in 2008, there was a financial crisis, and that crisis wiped out nearly 10 million jobs. The people who caused the crisis were trading bad loan packages in the housing market and engaging in high-risk financial practices on Wall Street that blew up in their faces. But, those things seem complex and difficult to control, so immigrants become the scapegoat because it’s easier to simplify the issues surrounding their presence here and how to “fix” the problem – building a wall.

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