Freeberg Questions

Answers due on blogs by the start of class, Wednesday 10/2:

  1. What did you learn about Edison from Freeberg that you didn’t learn from Stross?
  2. What exactly made setting up an electrical delivery system so much more difficult than perfecting the light bulb?
  3. When exactly do you think electrical lighting became so commonplace that Americans started to take it for granted? Explain the reasoning for your answer.

PS  Library Day #2 is Monday, 9/28 so you don’t need to have the Freeberg book read until Wednesday, 9/30.

Stross Questions

The answers to these should be up on your blogs by class time on 9/18/15:

  1. Does Stross think Edison was a good businessman (as opposed to being a good inventor)?  Explain.
  2. Why did Edison treat his immediate family (especially his wives) the way he did?
  3. Did Thomas Edison control the nature of his own fame or did the press do more to shape the public perception of him? Explain.