History 202 (Online)

History 202 (Online)

Professor Rees’ Online US History Survey Course

Welcome to the class blog!

Congratulations! You’ve found the class blog for History 202 (online) with professor Jonathan Rees. This blog will be used for two tasks: 1) Providing lists of sources so that you can summarize one of them per assignment using Hypothes.is, the annotation program and 2) Posting draft papers so that we can discuss their strengths and weaknesses. All other class activities should take place within the Canvas system. Check back here for more posts when those two functions are available.

PS Yes, this is the blog post where I want you to test out Hypothes.is. Click the Hypothes.is app (which you’ve hopefully placed on your Chrome Browser already), highlight some text, click the icon in the top righthand corner of the screen top make the Hypothes.is window visible and write whatever comes to mind. What matters is that I can see that you how to annotate texts, not what you annotation says this time around.

PPS One more note about using Hypothes.is. The URL you post on matters. You have to leave your note on the page where the blog post itself is published, not the blog itself. That means if you can’t see the whole blog post, you have to click on the title and leave a note where you can see the whole blog post.