History 202 (Online)

History 202 (Online)

Professor Rees’ Online US History Survey Course

Assignment 6 Sources for Summary.

Milestone Documents:

Brown v. Board of Education.
Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.”
Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Voting Rights Act of 1965.
Valerie Solanis, “The SCUM Manifesto.”
Richard Nixon, “Silent Majority” Speech.
Stokely Carmichael, “Black Power.”
Lucian Truscott IV, “Gay Power Comes to Sheridan Square.”
Gloria Steinem, “Living the Revolution.”


CNN, “The Civil Rights Movement in Photos.”
Norman Rockwell, “The Problem We All Live With,” 1964.
Digital Public Library of America, “The United Farm Workers and the Delano Grape Strike.”
Washington Post, “Antiwar Protestors.”
Peace, Love, Music and Mud, “LIFE at Woodstock.”


Universal Newsreels, “The WATTS Riot.”
Cemetery Acid Trip from “Easy Rider.”
Country Joe McDonald, “The FISH Cheer.”
“The Hippie Revolt,” [Trailer].
Morley Safer, on his Report from Cam Ne.
Spiro Agnew Attacks the Press (excerpts).

Other Resources:

Backstory, “How Sex Got Into the Civil Rights Act.”
Selections from the Whole Earth Catalog.
Digital History Reader, “The 1960s: Who Won?”
New York Public Library, “1969: The Year of Gay Liberation.”
Matt Delmont, “Why Busing Failed.”
Digital Public Library of America, “The Equal Rights Amendment.”
Digital Public Library of America, “Rise of Conservatism in the 1980s.”