History 202 (Online)

History 202 (Online)

Professor Rees’ Online US History Survey Course

Assignment #2 Sources for Summarizing.

These are the list of sources for Assignment #2. Part of your “QASS” assignment is to summarize one of these sources as a Hypothes.is note in order to help your classmates decide whether they want to read it or not. Please do not summarize a source that has already been summarized:

Milestone Documents:

  • Thomas Edison, Patent Application for the Incandescent Light Bulb.
  • Andrew Carnegie, “Wealth.”
  • Sherman Antitrust Act.
  • Thorstein Veblen, “Conspicuous Consumption.”
  • Samuel Gompers, Address to Workers in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act
  • Dillingham Commission Report
  • Jacob Riis, from How the Other Half Lives.
  • Jane Addams, “The Objective Necessity of Social Settlements.”
  • Henry Ford’s Assembly Line.



  • Charlie Chaplin,

from “Modern Times.” (Links to an external site.)undefined

Other Resources: