History 202 (Online)

History 202 (Online)

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New #assignment6 example essay.

And here’s a NEW (anonymous, of course) assignment 6 example essay from one of your classmates (my comments in Hypothes.is): The 1960s was a period of many changes that took place in American history. During this time, there were dramatic changes politically, for instance with the Vietnam War. Among these political changes, many social changes… (read more)

New #Assignment3 Draft Example Essay

Again submitted anonymously.  Again my comments are in Hypothes.is: From the Progressive Era to the end of World War II, there was continuous change in the role of government in America. There was a continuous disagreement among the American people about whether federal government should be kept small and have little say on day to… (read more)

New Anonymous Assignment #2 Example Essay.

Please quietly thank your anonymous colleague for offering me the opportunity to offer you some guidance. Sign into Hypothes.is to see my comments: The industrial revolution is an incredible time period in history. So many substantial changes occurred during this time period, and so many glorious benefits for our nation transpired because of these many… (read more)

Welcome to the class blog!

Congratulations! You’ve found the class blog for History 202 (online) with professor Jonathan Rees. This blog will be used for two tasks: 1) Providing lists of sources so that you can summarize one of them per assignment using Hypothes.is, the annotation program and 2) Posting draft papers so that we can discuss their strengths and… (read more)

Assignment #6 Essay Example.

I suggested that the author push their analysis a little further, explaining their argument more as they go but this is very good: The sixties forever changed society. Had it not been for the sixties the world that we know would be unrecognizable. Women would not be the driving force they are today in the… (read more)

Assignment #5 Example.

The Cold War in 1947 to 1991 changed America for the better. The Cold war was a war between the United States and the Soviet Union which occurred after World War II. The war was about who would have control over Europe and about the atomic bomb. The battle for power between the United States… (read more)

Assignment #3 Example.

Again offered anonymously. My comments are in Hypothes.is: The role of government in America changed considerably from the Progressive Era (1895-1917) through the end of World War II. Prior to this era the government displayed a much more hands off type approach towards society also know as, “Laissez faire”. This hands off approach of the… (read more)

Sample Essay for #assignment2

America the, “Land of the free and home of the brave” has been and will always be a country, which was built on innovation, growth, and the well being of its citizens. As America evolved between the years of 1800 to 1901 it saw its country grow in ways it never had seen in its… (read more)