History 202 (Online)

History 202 (Online)

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Final Exam Sample Essay

Here’s an example from last semester which isn’t perfect, but I like it nonetheless. I think the best thing about it is how the author uses a wide range of evidence, but all of it is in service of making a larger point that answers the question you were asked: Freedom is what America was… (read more)

Sample Assignment #4 (midterm)

Here’s an anonymous midterm from an earlier semester. Generally, I would have liked to have seen a broader argument in the first paragraph (rather than a list), but the detail here is very much appreciated. And, remember, no quotes or footnotes are required for a midterm: Modern aspects of American life that originated between 1877… (read more)

An Assignment #3 example from this semester.

This is missing footnotes because they’re not easy to reproduce in a blog post. It also might be a little short (especially at the beginning and end). But it’s very clear and directly confronts the question I asked, so it’s still an excellent example of what I’m looking for (on a general level) for all… (read more)

Assignment #2 Example Essay.

[This is from an earlier semester. It’s not perfect (nothing is for a survey class like this one (lack of time guarantees that), but it is thoughtful. The only other thing I’d mention is that I wasn’t pushing quotations in earlier semesters because I didn’t want to have teach footnotes. I’ve changed my mind on… (read more)

Assignment #3 Example.

Again this one is from before the time I started asking for quotations and footnotes, but it is still well-written, with plenty of good facts to prove a general argument. The role of government in America changed considerably from the Progressive Era (1895-1917) through the end of World War II. Prior to this era the… (read more)